On-Board Service

With our mobile fleet comprised of professional marine electronics techs and fully-equipped service vehicles, we are ready to help. Whether it’s a new off-site installation, troubleshooting an electronics problem at a marina or yard, or a one-on-one on-board equipment training session, we are there.  Our techs are certified by both ABYC (American Boat and Yacht Council) for electrical installations, and NMEA (National Marine Electronics Association) at MEI orCMET technician levels.  This assures you will have a properly trained and experienced individual aboard your vessel.

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Custom Installation

Whether it’s a brand-new boat installation or a refit on an older vessel, there is always some element of “custom”. Installing the right components in the best possible location while maintaining a functional and sleek look requires the proper planning, skill and execution.  Navtronics has a team of talented individuals that have experience with finish carpentry, acrylic composite fabrication, and fiberglass with gelcoat finishes.  We also have a direct partnership with SEAmless Marine for our custom aluminum, stainless steel and powder coating installation components.  With this wide array of resources, we provide our customers with a first-class, functional and attractive installation that will last for years to come.

System Design

The latest yachts are now a “networked vessel” where the navigation, communication, entertainment and propulsion systems are all integrated.  Selecting the right equipment for the application is important but assuring all of the systems will work together inharmony is equally as important.  With many different manufacturers out there to choose from, we help steer our customers in the right direction to meet their goals.  On every project, we start with an equipment list, create a schematic, verify compatibility, and prove the systems during final testing and sea trials.  Through proper system design, our customers are able to realize the full benefits of the latest networked systems technology.


Keeping the vessel “connected” is now crucial in our modern world.  VHF’s and Cell Phones are a must for boats of most any size, however, the offshore access to voice and internet services can be just as important for many applications. Navtronics provides various 4G/LTE and satellite-based solutions to stay in touch with.  By implementing an integrated on-board Voice or Wi-Fi system that prioritizes communication services based off distance from shore and signal availability, the vessel is always connected.  This allows for reliable and continuous voice and data communication, location tracking, remote monitoring and assistance, and the ability to stay in touch if an emergency arises.

Vessel Automation

The newest technology now provides a boating experience that incorporates full vessel integration allowing for different levels of automation.  With the ability to monitor and control multiple functions, such as surveillance, lighting, shades, and engine diagnostics, the user gains a whole new level of digital control over the “smartboat” while at the helm or away. Navtronics provides solutions for remote support assistance, remote systems control, and now fully autonomous vessel control applications.  


From listening to a crisp and clear full-range stereo system on an open boat to watching satellite TV or streaming digital content on a 65” HD TV in a salon with surround sound, Navtronics provides any combination of Audio, Visual or Control solution.  We have hand-picked our A/V manufacturers based off quality, durability and ease of use in the marine environment.  Through Wi-Fi connectivity, a smartphone or tablet can control Music Libraries, Video Libraries, Lighting and Shade systems, Climate Control Systems, TV lifts and much more.  Having the ability to fully integrate these systems with the associated “scenes” creates for an impressive on-board entertainment experience all around.